Ann Curry NBC Firestorm Out of Control?

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Is the firestorm surrounding Ann Curry’s removal from The Today Show out of control? It seems it is, and executives are trying—to not avail—to convince viewers otherwise. They’re even making excuses for Al Roker’s reference to throwing people under the bus—a comment he threw in Matt Lauer’s direction while on the air Thursday.

Ann CurryAccording to a report from RadarOnline, NBC spokeswoman Megan Kopf insists the remark Al made wasn’t referencing Curry. If you missed he comment, it went something like this:

Matt Lauer was chatting with Olympic rower Mary Whipple. He told her he’d heard it was a tradition to throw your rowing teammates into the water when they win. Al Roker then commented that ‘around here we throw people under the bus instead,’ while casting a sideways glance at Lauer. Lauer, along with Curry’s replacement, Savannah Guthrie, didn’t know what to say, and simultaneously said, ‘Mr. Roker!’ in reply.

Kopf went so far as to say the expression ‘thrown under the bus’ is a phrase that was used 27 times in the past two years. Did she really sit down and view two years of footage to ascertain this little fact? That clearly shows how desperate the network is to make this firestorm go away.

Is NBC trying to cover their executive butts by making it seem like everything is happy and amicable on The Today Show set? Does it appear to you like they are failing miserably at trying to do so?

It’s plain to see that The Today Show is worse off without Ann Curry than they were with her. Just check out the recent GMA ratings and see them soar above The Today Show.

Amicable? No way. Missing Ann. Yes—at least everyone but Matt Lauer.

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