Ann Curry tells all!

Did “The Today Show” really push Ann Curry out? According to Ann Curry’s tell-all book, that’s what happened. It seems that sweet, little Katie Couric is not so sweet. Who is fake? It seems that Katie Couric is not just about destroying Sarah Palin, but she went after Ann Curry as well.

According to MSN, “It posits that Curry was infamously ambitious before she arrived at “Today” and was angling for the co-host spot years before Katie Couric’s contract was up, but no one thought it would be a good fit. Couric allegedly even called her “fake” and there was talk of moving Curry to “Dateline NBC.” Former showrunner Jeff Zucker kept her in the family, but turned Meredith Vieira into the next co-anchor. Curry was to be next in line and though Bell and others didn’t approve, she ascended to the seat in 2012.”

It seems that NBC is having all kinds of problems with not just The Today Show, but with Jay Leno and the “Tonight Show.” Who would work for NBC if that is how they treat their employees. Now, let me say, that just because Ann Curry says it’s true, does not make it so, but it appears there is a lot of miseray over at NBC. They have a lot of problems, and I can’t wait to read Ann Curry’s new book.–ann-curry-bullied-by-today-staffers/?ocid=twmsntv

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