Ann Romney Lied in RNC Speech

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During her RNC speech Ann Romney made claims that she and Mitt struggled financially early in their relationship. She claimed that they ate a lot of pasta and tuna, and that their dining table was nothing more than a folding ironing board. Even though her speech wasn’t as awe inspiring as the one given by first lady Michelle Obama during the DNC, it still gripped those who are gullible enough to believe this woman and her husband. She recently changed her story about her financial past with Mittens, and it’s not the pasta story like before.

article imageOn Sunday’s Meet the Press interview, Ann Romney admitted that she and Mitt never struggled financially. However, she wanted people to understand that they’ve had other struggles; you know, like health difficulties and stuff. Nevermind the fact that their insane amounts of money treat their health difficulties without much problem.

It should also be noted that in 2004, Ann claimed that she and Mitt never needed to work because he had stock that they sold little by little. So why would Ann lie during her RNC speech? It’s no secret that the Romney/Ryan ticket doesn’t want to be a campaign run with fact checkers concerned. So why not appeal to the middle class sheeple who will vote for these guys if Mitt’s wife tells a heart wrenching enough story. It’s no surprise to see that she failed.

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