Ann Romney’s speech goes over big at Republican Convention

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Following uproarious applause Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, Ann Romney, wife of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, announced that she wanted to talk about love. The beginning of her speech was focused on families and how the economy is putting a strain on American families. She quickly segued onto the topic of women, speaking about the sacrifices they make, particularly as mothers, noting increased sacrifices demanded of them in today’s economic environment. Gaining the support of women is very important considering the fact that Obama is currently still leading in the polls among women.

Of course, the main focus of Ann Romney’s speech was Mitt Romney. According to Fox News, it was her task to define Romney as a man. Mrs. Romney has previously remarked that she wishes people could see her husband the way she sees him. As MPRNews reported, pundits saw this to be her big chance to combat her husband’s likability gap. Her speech went a long way towards helping voters to see a more personal side of Mr. Romney, highlighting their loving marriage. In describing the kind of president Romney would make, she insisted that no one would care more or work harder. She also drove home the point that Mr. Romney doesn’t like to talk about his charitable work because he considers it a privilege to help people, not a political talking point. This was a much-needed statement, considering the fact that it is so difficult for Mitt Romney to publicly praise himself—unusual for a presidential candidate but somewhat refreshing.

Mrs. Romney received several standing ovations during her concise but very inspiring speech. There was a surprise appearance by Mitt Romney himself at the end of the speech, who embraced his wife on stage.

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