Anna Kroup Update: Suicide a Possibility in Disappearance?

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Anna Kroup remains missing, but there are new disturbing revelations in her case that indicate a positive ending may not be in the cards. The missing woman reportedly left behind a note before vanishing, though officials will not disclose the details of the note. All that is being confirmed is that her loved ones have reason to believe that she’ll harm herself.

It’s been since Monday and Kroup still hasn’t been located while officials search the river area in Waterford for her. What’s in the note that has them searching the river? Did she threaten to drown herself or do something else drastic? This is really such a shame and there is such little information it’s hard to speculate.

It’s not that often that the possibility of suicide plays into a person’s disappearance, but when it does it’s just as tragic as when murder plays a part. Hopefully Anna Kroup is located soon but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be in a positive manner by the sentiments being expressed by the woman’s loved ones. That’s just a shame, but maybe there’s also a tiny light of hope.

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