Anna Oung Autopsy Update: Creative Suicide?

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It seems that Anna Oung actually may have committed suicide, which was speculated upon in an earlier Gather News article — though sarcastically. It simply didn’t seem likely that a woman “with visible signs of trauma” put herself in the trunk of her car to die. However, that’s what the preliminary autopsy/medical examination has concluded. Not only is this a creative way to go, but it’s simply disturbing and a tad bit suspicious.

So were these “visible signs of trauma” marks indicating self-inflicted damage (i.e., slit wrists)? The Irvine Police Department said the following:

“All evidence discovered to date by Irvine Detectives, including preliminary information received from the medical examination is consistent with Anna’s death being a suicide.”

This has been the latest update in the strange disappearance and death of 29-year-old Anna Oung, who is known as an engineer in the Long Beach area. What could have possibly driven this beautiful young woman to kill herself — if that’s truly what happened? Do you think there is any possibility that this suicide is actually a staged cover-up of something more sinister?

Earlier reports indicate that those who knew the woman (and her husband) believed that she was happy. So this must come as a shock to many people. However, there are always warning signs in situations like these. Were those warning signs ever acknowledged or were they completely dismissed?

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