Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Picture still creating buzz

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After just a few days, the Anne Curtis swimsuit malfunction is still buzzing about. It seems like fans all over want to see the exposed right breast of Anne, but at what price?

Millions of websites are claiming they have the Anne Cutis malfunction picture, and video, but those websites carry viruses. The only way out would be to buy the fake antivirus program. With some hackers the price could be as high as $70 Hold on though, there are legitimate websites that are safe and have the actual picture, which can be found here.

Why would hackers take advantage of a poor woman upset over her swimsuit top falling off? Money, money, and more money. As the saying goes, sex sells. Ok, this isn’t really sex, but a part of a human body was exposed. Hackers know millions of fans, sex addicts, and weirdo’s will be searching for this.

Anne Curtis is so upset over this ordeal, she actually has fans on the social network Facebook campaigning to stop people spreading the embarrassing malfunction picture that happened during a live dance performance in Boracay. As of Thursday night there was over 200,000 fans showing Anne support.

Was Anne’s privacy invaded? Indeed it was, but thousands of other celebrities were as well. Having this kind of exposure can do one or two things. Anne can go from being just a regular TV host and actress, to the hot bikini girl known for her wardrobe malfunction. If Anne has any movies or shows coming about, the fan base will triple, and her popularity will go through the roof.

Should bloggers and other writers remove their articles about her? Think about how many articles, blogs, videos, and pictures would have to come down. You have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Xomba and MySpace where people post to earn a few pennies. So my thoughts on this are no. If you had to remove every picture on the web showing just a slight bit of skin removed, where would the money, or fan base be? They would be totally gone. The internet needs to have hot information to keep the flow of money, fans, and companies rolling in.

To catch up with the story about Anne Curtis just be safe and click on the right websites. Watch out for any site who says can be harm your computer. Do not click no matter what.

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