Anne Curtis Swimsuit malfunction pictures: Another breast exposed

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Another wardrobe malfunction has hit the internet. This time around it was Anne Curtis’s swimsuit malfunction. While dancing around on stage taping for a new episode of musical variety show “ASAP XV” in Boracay Anne’s bikini top fell off exposing her right boob.

The photo and video of Anne Curtis’s swimsuit malfunction hit the web so fast. Within hours pictures were placed on blogs, and social networks. Anne was not expecting to see her pictures posted all over the net or was she? According to Anne, she has never exposed herself in any way, so knowing she was taping for a new episode could this have been on purpose?

I definitely think so. First of all, I have never heard of her, and now for the next few days I am sure Anne will be one of the biggest Google trends. People are going to be curious about what she looks like it, just like any other wardrobe malfunction that occurs.

To see the swimsuit malfunction photo check it out here, and to see the Uncensored Anne Curtis photo it can be found here until someone takes it down.

Other celebrities who had swimsuit malfunctions in the past were Serena Williams, Ricky Berens, KE$HA, Paris Hilton, Flavia Zoccari, Myleene Klass, Brooklyn Decker, and now Anne Curtis.

Wow, so many wardrobe mishaps have been occurring way too much. I am going to give you celebrities some quick hot tricks to keep your clothes, and swimsuits on. If you follow these tips then by all means great, if not then I know it was done on purpose.

Wear the right size, and a suit that you can jump, dive, or swim without having it moving. On the market there are certain suits that are not suitable for moving in, just for looks.

Hollywood tape, Nippits, IsAStrip, are all great wardrobe must haves. These products will help prevent any fronts, backs, or in-betweens from showing more than what you expected.

If you wear a white or light colored swimsuit wear a thin pad, band-aide, tissues, or handkerchief inside the swimsuit. If you feel uncomfortable using these items, then try to find a bathing suit top that has lots of stripes on it. Sometimes stripes on a shirt or swimsuit help camouflage the chest area. Make sure you try the suit on and make sure the stripes are around the nipple area especially.

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