Anne Hathaway, Adam Shulman Get A Room! Shacking Up in NYC!

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It looks like Anne Hathaway and boyfriend Adam Shulman are “shacking up.” Rumor has it that Hathaway and Shulman have taken the advice of ‘get a room’ to the next level and gotten an entire New York City apartment.

Anne Hathaway hits the stage at the 2011 Scream Awards held a... on TwitpicWord on the street is that Anne Hathaway and her beau have essentially moved into a shared apartment in NYC. Of course, as all good tabloid rumors go, there has to be at least one ‘unnamed source’ to offer the insight into Anne and Adam’s life. So, ‘unnamed source,’ why did Hathaway and Shulman decide to get a place together?

All of Anne’s friends think Adam is the one. She had been spending lots of time at his apartment and so they decided they should move in together and things have been great between them since.

Of course, now that the two are (reportedly) living together, the next question is when will Adam Shulman put a ring on Anne Hathaway’s finger? Come on Adam!

One can’t have the benefits of a live-in girlfriend without making a long-term commitment! Everyone knows that Shulman has his own jewelry line, so designing a ring couldn’t be more convenient, can it?

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