Anne Hathaway Blasts Daniel Craig with Middle Finger Flips and F-Bombs

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What has gotten into Anne Hathaway? First she flashes her lady parts for all the world to see as well as for the paparazzi to photograph to their wallets’ content. Of course, her upskirt wardrobe malfunction was strictly accidental (on purpose?). Whatever. More recently, the Les Miserables star came clean about even more bizarre past behavior. And the object of her faux pas was none other than James Bond himself. Yes, La Hathaway actually flipped Daniel Craig the middle finger and blasted him with a series of F-bombs. And all of this happened in public. What got into her?

According to Hathaway, she met Craig at the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony, and “playfully flirted with him – by mouthing swear words and sharing hand gestures.” Since when is flipping someone the middle finger, and blasting him/her with F-bombs considered flirting? Whatever. As it turned out, much to Hathaway’s embarrassment, Craig hadn’t been flirting with her. He was just joking around with his BFF, director Stephen Daldry, who was standing behind her.

“….I’m hob-knobbing with all these amazing actors, and then Daniel Craig walks in,” Hathaway recalled. “…I’m like, ‘Oh my god there’s Daniel Craig, this is amazing — he’s just so beautiful.’ And all of a sudden he looks up and looks right at me, and he goes, ‘F*** you’. And so, of course, I’m like, ‘F*** you’.”

Craig then flipped her both middle fingers, so she did the same. She then asked him if he wanted her to “turn it up.” At that point, Craig pointed out Baldry standing behind her, and explained. Poor Anne Hathaway. Talk about life’s embarrassing moments.

So, there you have it. There’s only one question left unanswered. If Daniel Craig had never played 007, would anyone consider him “just so beautiful?” Please. As if.

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