Anne Hathaway is Baby Ready

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Actress Anne Hathaway may be a newlywed; however, she’s itching to be a mom as well. Anne recently attended an event with other female Oscar hopefuls. While there she noticed something: “I’m the only one here who’s not a mother,” she proclaimed. Then she added another interesting statement, “I hope to join the ranks soon”.

Anne understood Amy Adam’s feelings about the paparazzi, who have no misgivings about shooting the tykes of celebrities whether mom or dad want them to or not. Marion Cotillard had a cure for that problem. She suggested Anne move to France where laws protect the privacy of citizens, including celebrities. The idea holds possibilities since Hathaway and her new husband have not yet put down permanent roots.

Anne, on the other hand, was the only actress at the table who’d accomplished a certain goal — hosting the Oscars. However, her experience in that field wasn’t a particularly pleasant one. Critics and fans alike tore her and co-host, James Franco, to shreds after their eventful night was complete.

Helen Hunt said she thought Anne was a great hostess. The comment touched Hathaway, who admitted she still had a blast doing the show. She also admitted that she “played to the audience” and because of it, came across “hyper-cheerleadery on screen.”

As for the other mothers who rounded out the table. They included, Sally Field, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. Talk about a group of talented women. So which is the one to beat come Oscar time? That’s a difficult call. Any one of the ladies could take home that golden statue. The sentimental favorite is probably Sally Field. It’s been awhile since she appeared on the big screen and she’s been missed. However, there is plenty of buzz about Helen Hunt’s big screen return as well.

Watts and Weisz usually get overlooked and that’s likely to happen once again. This year could be Anne Hathaway’s to win or lose. It’s about time the talented actress got recognized.

If that doesn’t happen, however, Weisz has a suggestion. “Maybe we can do a female version of the Hangover,” she suggested. “All of us on a 24-hour bender,” she finished. Somehow, among that distinguished group, that just doesn’t seem likely.

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