Anne Hathaway is Engaged (Looks Like Catwoman Got the Cream)

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Anne Hathaway is engaged to Adam Shulman! So it looks like the actress is soon going to have to exchange her black Catwoman bodysuit for a wedding dress fit for a princess.

The star of The Princess Diaries and The Dark Knight Rises has been waiting for her “happily ever after” for quite some time now – in fact, one of her relationships gone wrong seems to be straight from a movie. When she became a financial donor and member of the board of directors for her ex Raffaelo Follieri’s charity back in 2004, she thought she was helping a good-hearted guy give back. However, Raffaelo left her with a broken heart when he was arrested in 2008 – he had defrauded investors for millions of dollars by posing as a real estate consultant for the Vatican.

Needless to say, Anne Hathaway has probably had a hard time trusting guys since then. She and fellow actor Adam Shulman were together for three years before he popped the question, which is actually a pretty long time by Hollywood standards (Khloe and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the many celebs who get engaged way too soon into a relationship).

Anne started dating Adam very soon after she broke things off with Raffaelo. According to the actress, she and her hubby-to-be hit it off immediately, but it took a pretty long time for them to get together. It kind of sounds like her life has mimicked one of her romantic movies just a little bit — it always takes the guy a while to get the girl. But according to Us Magazine, Anne doesn’t think her relationship with Adam Shulman is all that exciting. She calls him more “mellow” than some of her exes and had this to say about their love story: “Mellow doesn’t always make for a good story, but it makes for a good life.”

So this was a very good year for Anne Hathaway. She landed the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and now she’s engaged to her “mellow” prince. Now the actress can only hope that things get even better next year with a real fairytale wedding and fanboys accepting her version of the sexy supervillain.

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