Anne Hathaway is in Dumbo and on a Budget

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Anne Hathaway is now an official resident of the Dumbo district of Brooklyn with her fiancé, Adam Shulman. The couple have been looking for a two-bedroom apartment within the $6,000 a month range for some time now. The search paid off, and the pair has now rented an apartment on 1 Main Street and are greatly reducing their living expenditures.

Although $6,000 rent seems pricey to the average person, Hathaway previously lived in a $37,000 duplex with her ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. So, it seems Hathaway is significantly scaling down her spending as well as the choice of neighborhoods. She has gone from prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York City to the formerly manufacturing neighborhood of Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, commonly referred to as Dumbo. Their modest apartment isn’t even the best in the building, according to the New York Post.

Either Anne Hathaway is really trying to stick to her regular girl image or the couple is on a budget. With her leading roles in the upcoming Catwoman and Les Miserables, it is unclear how she and Adam Shulman could possibly be in financial distress. Perhaps she should contact Follieri in prison and ask for a loan.

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