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Today is clearly the most exciting day of my life.  I’m the first person to ever to register at Ellis Island on entering the United States of America, and Col. Weber gave me a $10 gold coin! That’s the first U.S. coin I’ve ever seen and far more money than I’ve ever owned! I will keep it always! Colonel Weber even gave a little welcoming speech.

Tomorrow is my 15th birthday and New Years Day! My two little brothers and I left Queenstown on the S.S. Nevada twelve days ago. Today we were brought from the steamship to Ellis Island by a barge, the John E. Moore. It was really exciting! There were two other steamships waiting to unload passengers today, too. Horns and whistles were blowing. From the barge, we ran down a plank and were quickly escorted up some large stairs into a big  building, and an important looking man was waiting to register us. He talks kind of funny. After we were registered, we boarded the ferryboat Brinkerhoff and were taken to the Barge Office in New York City.

It’s exciting, yet kind of scary. I’m anxious to see my mom and my brothers are, too. I don’t expect New York City to be very much like the County of Cork in Ireland, but Mom’s letters reassure me that we’ll adjust in a hurry. And a lot of other Irish people are coming to America all the time.


This week’s writing challenge: write on the theme of Ireland and heritage.


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