Anonymous Video: Police Murder Dog Protecting Seizure Victim

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As if the good people of the United States needed any more reason to hate the police. Activist organization Anonymous posted a video of a grisly scene in which a homeless seizure victim is left abandoned on the ground where he fell while the dog protecting him is murdered.

Yes, murdered, because that’s the only way to describe the senseless killing of this animal that was only protecting someone he cared about. The incident occurred in New York City, and the video starts with the seizure victim already on the ground. The dog, which looks like a boxer with beautiful brown and white coloring, is standing defensively next to his fallen friend.

A female bystander comes too close to the man, and the dog runs toward her, but she doesn’t appear harmed. It seems as though the dog was simply giving a warning to her not to get too close. Then, the dog turns and runs toward one cop who dares to step too close. The cop, weapon already drawn, shoots the dog at close range while the officer on the right shoots, as well. At the 0:09 mark, you can see the second officer on the right with his gun drawn and shooting as well. The outline of his weapon is clear against the blue color of a city bus’s advertisement of The Campaign, an oddly fitting backdrop to this entire, sad debacle.

The dog skidded, evidently shot twice, skidded to a stop near the bus, its body still moving. As you might guess, chaos ensued, and people immediately began shouting and moving around, trying to get a better view of the scene. Not long after the shooting, the woman the dog originally lunged at approached the officers, obviously upset at what happened. They coldheartedly ordered her back and refused to talk to her. Within seconds, the scene was flooded with New York’s finest.

Three things that are striking in this video, which is nearly ten minutes long:

  1. At the 4:06 mark, it’s clear the dog was still alive and suffering. While the police were busy doing crowd control, the dog was able to roll over several times, trying to get back up. If you can sift through the constant activity in the foreground, you’ll see the dog move around the 3:30 mark, its legs making running motions.
  2. Not one single NYC officer tended to the seizure victim during this entire ordeal. Not a single one. Count the number of officers on the scene. How many do you see? One, two? Including plain clothes and uniformed, there looked to be at least a dozen, perhaps more working crowd control, and not one thought to sit next to the homeless guy laying motionless on the ground.
  3. Both officers appeared to fire their weapons within close proximity of a large crowd. What would have happened if those bullets had missed their mark and ricocheted off a sidewalk or building? An innocent bystander could have gotten hurt or killed because these cowards were too afraid of a dog to be patient for animal control to arrive. These two geniuses should be investigated for improper use of their firearms.

Eventually an official (animal control or police?) arrived to dispose of the now dead dog, and the cops forced everyone to a spot around a corner, far from eyesight so no one could film what they were doing with the dog and the seizure victim. The group Anonymous posted the video on their YourAnonNews Tumblr to bring awareness of how cruel and thuggish the NYPD can be.

There is no word yet on the condition of the man, but hopefully he got the help he needed and will recover.

Be warned, there is blood in this video, and if you’re an animal lover it will upset you.

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