Another ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Catches her Man Cheating

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Most of the girls on the fourth season of 16 & Pregnant seemed to have drama-free lives. Because of that, MTV cut many fan favorites segments (including Hope Harbert and Devon Broyles) out of the reunion special. However, it looks like now that the cameras have quit rolling, the drama has come on strong for the girls (and it isn’t all good.)

Earlier in the week, rumored Teen Mom 3 cast member Katie Yeager found out that her fiancé, Joey, was cheating on her. Fans loved Katie because she and Joey seemed to have the perfect relationship. Unfortunately, things weren’t as they seemed and Katie promptly left him, showing girls that you don’t need to put up with disrespect.

Unfortunately, the drama doesn’t stop there for the 16 & Pregnant girls and, over the weekend, another fan favorite, Lindsey Harrison, caught her boyfriend cheating as well. As can be imagined, she was very upset by the incident, but isn’t letting it deter her plans. She still plans on being a great mother to her daughter, Aniyah Monroe.

If you don’t remember Lindsey, she was the teen mom who was also into modeling and cage fighting. She was obviously one tough girl and it is hard to imagine any girl trying to take her man, but it happened. Luckily, Lindsey is a strong woman (and one that many would love to see on the show as well.)

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