Another Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress comes forward

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Another day, another Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress. It looks as though this is becoming very Tiger Woods-esque. You almost could have predicted this (and perhaps you did), once you heard about the “love child.”

“One nighArnold Schwarzenegger 2003t Arnold, 63, had sex with Gigi in her hotel room while Maria was in another room on the same floor. When the action star was done with Gigi, he went back to his room with Maria,” says a source. Well that certainly is something else, isn’t it? What’s amazing is that these men are so savvy. How do men like Jesse James, Tiger Woods, and the like cheat on their wives with all of these women and manage to keep it a secret?

Eventually the guilt gets to them, but by then it’s too late. They are all pigs and their images are ruined. Can you even imagine learning that your spouse cheated on you with not one, but several women? If the story about Arnold having sex a few rooms away from Maria is true, there are no words. She needs to run away and never look back.

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