Another Beating in the Name of Trayvon: ‘We do believe that the crime was racially motivated’

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Five to eight men yelled “Trayvon” before beating a man walking home early Saturday morning. The victim, a white man, was walking home from midtown bars in Gainesville, Florida when a group of black men in a “mid-sized vehicle” approached him and stopped, according to the local news.

Trayvon_Martin_Occupy March 21 by Sunset ParkerpixThe 27-year-old victim most likely will have permanent damage to the left side of his face; he had injuries to his left eye, and other abrasions and cuts. The police spokeswoman said that the “victim’s injuries were consistent with being jumped by a group” and continues, “We do believe that the crime was racially motivated”. No arrests have been made in this case. The thugs who beat this man are cowards and the fact that they use Trayvon’s name in the beating just shows how disgusting they are. Martin’s family would probably be horrified that the tragic death of their son would be used in racially motivated attacks.

George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man, killed the 17-year-old African-American while conducting a neighborhood watch who has claimed that the killing was done in self-defence. While that case has not been fully investigated, it has become racially charged, with the New Black Panthers Party calling for a bounty on Zimmerman and inciting a bloody race war. The case has inspired marches around the country demanding an arrest.

In Sanford Florida last week, two black men beat a white man with a hammer. The man is fighting for his life in the hospital, although “there was no indication that the victim in that case was targeted because of his race.” Really?

Why does the mainstream media push the idea that Martin was targeted because of his race? It is irresponsible and not proven, by any stretch. There have been many cases where race was not given in media reports. The AP, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and the LA Times have all censored racial descriptions when reporting crime at one point or another or due to policy. Why are there different mainstream media standards for the Martin story?

It would be very appropriate for leaders in the black community, as well as President Obama, who has already chimed in on this case, to strongly denounce any violence in the name of Trayvon Martin.

The mainstream media has not reported either of these stories.

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