Another Ground Turkey Recall: Salmonella Re-Test Positive

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Another ground turkey recall for salmonella typhimurium was issued after a USDA test turned positive. Cargill Inc. recently resumed production after a recent shutdown from food borne illness scares.

On Aug. 3 when the government linked the company’s Springdale, Ark. plant to an outbreak of illness affecting 107 people across the country, it issued the first recall. That’s pretty scary considering meat is a large part of the Western diet.

Despite the widespread outbreak of the potentially deadly pathogen, only one person died.

Salmonella bacteriaStill, symptoms of salmonella are insidious for the young, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. But to loved ones, even one death is tragic.

And while aggressive measures occurred to isolate and prevent the spread of contamination from the ground turkey recall products, the USDA’s followup test on Aug. 24. returned alarming results.Thankfully, a lot of time did not go by until the organisms were found.

Following the discovery of more salmonella in the meat production, the government issued a ground turkey recall of 185,000 pounds of meat. That’s much less than the 36 million pounds identified last month.

It is important that people cook any type of meat to at least a temperature of 165 degrees. This heat range kills all or most disease-causing organisms present that would lead to illness in humans.

Furthermore, experts recommend washing hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after handling raw meat to prevent cross-contamination.

The products involved in the recent ground turkey recall were sold world-wide under the brands Kroger, Fresh HEB, and Honeysuckle White. Ground meat, chubs, and patties are all involved in the latest consumer warning.

Although another occurrence of the disease-causing bacteria took place, it underscores how important government regulation and testing is for safety.

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