Another Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction?

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Miley Cyrus is becoming famous for being the Queen of wardrobe malfunctions. Nip slips are practically becoming the norm for the young singer, who is apparently not at all concerned by going braless or, even worse, leaving the house without wearing her panties.

This past weekend was no different for the risqué celebrity. Miley Cyrus went braless yet again on Saturday when she went for a drive in her neighborhood of Toluca Lake. One photograph, in particular, shows Miley jogging across the street barefoot and using her hand to keep her shirt, which was completely open on the sides, from exposing her breasts.

Either Miley Cyrus just likes living her life on the edge, one step away from a nip slip, or perhaps Liam Hemsworth cheers her on for dressing this way. Since Miley is clenching her shirt to prevent her boobs from being seen, one would think that she is at least the slightest bit concerned about having another wardrobe function.

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