Another Source Confirms What Tom Cruise Denies Regarding Church of Scientology

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Another source and former member of the Church of Scientology says that what Tom Cruise denies via his rep is true. The Church of Scientology did in fact attempt to set the actor up with the “appropriate” girlfriend and the church leader’s wife, Shelley Miscavige, is likely missing as a result of it.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Paul Haggis left the Church of Scientology in 2010, and has now come forward to confirm a new article that’s about to hit newsstands in Vanity Fair magazine.

Tom cruiseThe article reports that Nazanin Boniadi–a member of the organization at that time–was interviewed as a potential mate for Cruise. The two even dated for several months, and she fell in love with him. Cruise didn’t feel the same about her, so the two split up. Boniadi says in the Vanity Fair article that she was sent away to the Church of Scientology location in Florida following the split, and forced to dig ditches at night as punishment for sharing with another woman the real reason she was sent there.

The “girlfriend derby” group–spearheaded by Shelley Miscavige–resumed hunting for the right woman for Cruise–and Katie Holmes was next in line.

“I was deeply disturbed by how the highest ranking members of a church could so easily justify using one of their members; how they so callously punished [Boniadi] and then so effectively silenced her when it was done. It wasn’t just the threats; they actually made her feel ashamed, when all she had been was human and trusting,” Paul Haggis explains.

“I’ve met quite a number of people who have been treated shamefully but are afraid to speak out…Most of the others are just ordinary people…They live in fear of retribution, legal, financial or personal…They fear an incredibly wealthy organization that boasts that it seeks truth, empowers people, brings families together, encourages independent thought and free speech, and champions human rights. I would like to say that I don’t know how its members, many of them good and intelligent people, can remain so purposely blind when they are faced with evidence like this every day, but then I am no one to talk. I was happily blind for many years, so I know the shame that Naz feels.”

Haggis says Nazanin Boniadi tried hard for years to repair her relationship with the Church of Scientology after that ordeal, but ultimately wound up leaving the organization about two years ago.

Probably the most disturbing facet to this whole scenario is the disappearance of Shirley Miscavige. Paul Haggis doesn’t even mention her in this conversation, and that makes one wonder if he fears some Church of Scientology repercussions, even two years after leaving the fold.

Are you glad to know that Katie Holmes and Suri are out from underneath the Church of Scientology thumb, given all this abuse and mystery? Are you even happier knowing her father hired bodyguards for them who aren’t associated with the organization at all?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Tom Cruise knows lots of Church of Scientology secrets and it would be very interesting to learn whether he shuts up out of loyalty or fear.

What do you think?

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