Another Triangle UFO Spotted in Seattle (Video)

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A new kind of UFO, triangular in shape, has been spooking the community and a new sighting made it on to YouTube, this time from Seattle, Washington.

The video below shows the unidentified flying object (or objects?) over a quiet cul-de-sac as neighbors walk past and comment on the strange sight. In the video, the points of the triangle are clearly defined and stay relatively aligned as the shape elongates and folds over on itself. Suddenly, one of the lights winks on and off.

The witness making the video gets a little profane in the description, and doesn’t help the cause by adding a rap video soundtrack, along with some self-promoting graphics. But it doesn’t change the high quality of the sighting and clearly shows a fine example of this most recent type of UFO incident.

In these reports, the brightly lit objects glide across the sky without making a sound. The edges of the triangle stay in perfectly geometric proportion to each other at all times, something pilots find it very difficult to maintain, if not impossible. Sometimes one or more of the corner lights wink on and off. That’s something else pilots never do, especially at night.

Here’s an enhanced still shot of the object:

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO?

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