Another ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Questioned For Musical Past

People are beginning to ask have major concerns about Fox’s X-Factor. Either the show isn’t serious about discovering “new” talent or it didn’t do a very good job of vetting this year’s participants. Either way, some of the show’s fans are unhappy.

It’s already been revealed that single mother, Stacy Francis had a pretty successful music career going before the birth of her child. Now it seems that another, contestant, Leroy Bell, also had an up-and-coming career back in the ’70s and ’80s.

Supposedly, Bell wrote songs for heavy-hitters like Gladys Knight and Elton John, while working for Philadelphia International Records. More than that, however, it’s reported that he also recorded multiple albums with Casey James. They were billed under the name Bell and James.

The duo recorded three records, including one that made it all the way to the top 15 on the Billboard charts. That album, Livin it Up, sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Some people think that prestigious backgrounds like those of Bell and Francis are unfair to newcomers to X-Factor. They believe those people had their chance and, for whatever reason, blew it. Now it’s someone else’s turn to catch a break.

What do you think? Should people like Francis and Bell be barred from competing on X-Factor or is everything fair in love and music?

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