“‘Antennagate’ Not Unique To iPhone4″ Says Steve Jobs

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Apologies were forthcoming to customers but not to stockholders for the issues with the new iPhone4.  Steve Jobs reminded everyone that he and Apple are not perfect and every once in a while there are glitches.  The current glitch with the iPhone4 is the antenna problem that causes the calls to drop.

There are many comments being made publicly by those who are well known such as Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s “The View” who states that she was so frustrated with the phone that she got out of her car and threw the phone on the ground until it was broken. Then there are those who are on the verge of being extremely popular and well known because of songs they have written about the iPhone4’s antenna problems.

Steve Jobs is not so worried about the negative press that he is receiving from the media or from Consumer Reports not ‘recommending’ the iPhone4.  The iPhone4 has been judged to be the number one smartphone by scores of publications including Consumer Reports even though they would not recommend it.

Stockholders have been down $5 since all of the antenna problems came up and they have still sold over 3 million in three weeks.  So what does this mean for the average consumer?  Well as Jonathan Mann’s song states so plainly “If you don’t want an iPhone4 don’t buy it.  If you bought one and you don’t like it, bring it back….but you know you won’t”.

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