Anthony Weiner: Bill Clinton All Over Again?

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The scandal that is rocking the world of Anthony Weiner and Democrats nationwide is leaving some people scratching their heads. The deeper one looks into the New York lawmaker’s Internet sexcapades, the more it makes you wonder just what this guy was thinking and why everyone is making such a big deal out of it. Because it’s become a huge scandal, the Weiners have turned to Bill and Hillary Clinton for advice.

Now that the scandal has reached a full tilt, the Weiners have turned to the Clintons for advice. This comes as no surprise since Hillary and Bill both have ample experience in weathering sex scandals. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is also a valued aide of Hillary Clinton, and both are livid at her husband’s actions. It’s a bit ironic how Bill could be angry about something like this, given his own personal history, but perhaps his anger comes from a place of experience and also one of loyalty to Abedin.

True, Weiner has been revealed as a scum bag. But the women who participated in the exchanges are no better. But what exactly makes this case different than former president Bill Clinton’s case? If you recall, Clinton was impeached for originally denying having any kind of sexual relations with aide, Monika Lewinsky. He wasn’t impeached for actually doing it; he was impeached for lying about it.

Most Democrats during that time were of the opinion that it didn’t affect his ability to govern, and that Republicans were going too far in their attempts to topple the popular president. Rep. Weiner hasn’t even gotten his proverbial cigar anywhere near these ladies’ naughty bits, and yet Democrats and Republicans are both crying out in outrage for his resignation.

Why? What has changed?

For one thing, Democrats are enraged that the man who called out Republicans for their hypocrisy on Medicare was caught sending explicit photos of himself to various women online. Another thing that’s caused a lot of anger among party members is the way this scandal seems to be taking the wind out of the Democrats’ sails on a number of issues. Just when the party was gaining ground against conservatives, just when things were starting to look up again, Weinergate broke–and none other by the widely reviled Andrew Breitbart, who excitedly displayed photos of the man’s naked genitals for the world to see. Really, what is it with Breitbart and his obsession with weiners?

Perhaps the Clintons can offer some insight into what Rep. Weiner should do in this political environment. He will need all the solid advice he can get, especially in such a hostile and unforgiving political climate as this.

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