Anthony Weiner Mocks British Reporter with “Monty Python” Comment

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Anthony Weiner, the former U.S. Representative and current mayoral candidate for New York, is in the headlines once again. This time, it was for his inappropriate comments to a British ITV reporter who was attempting to interview him about his candidacy. Weiner, who resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives after admitting to sexting (texting with sexual content) should probably be more careful not to look like such an idiot when he is giving TV interviews.

Weiner was being interviewed by ITV Reporter Lucy Watson. When she asked if his mayoral run was about “hunger for the big job” Weiner said, “it is hard to take you seriously” before answering, apparently referring to her accent. Has he never met a British person before? Or at least heard a British accent before? Weiner went on to be even more offensive, telling Watson that he felt he was in the middle of a “Monty Python bit.”

At the end of the interview, Anthony Weiner asked if there was anything else he could do for ITV. “You want me to do the weather or something?” He said. When Watson agreed, he told listeners it would be cold, rainy and gray in England. If the man is unable to take an interview with an established British television news program without laughing, mocking and resorting to “Monty Python” jokes, then how is he going to be able to do a job like Mayor of New York?

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