Anthony Weiner’s Decision to Seek Treatment Supported by Dr. Drew

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Anthony Weiner’s decision to seek treatment is heartily supported by Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky. The addiction specialist feels that in light of Weiner’s cyber sexting issues, some treatment is the very best thing.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Dr. Drew had the following to say regarding Weiner’s decision to get some help.

“This is very good news for the Congressman and his wife. Treatment can often save marriages in situations like this and get them to a very good place, provided both partners participate.”

Will Weiner’s wife actually be willing to participate in his therapy, however? Is she thinking that the marriage can possibly be salvaged after her husband’s ridiculous actions?

Anthony Weiner announced this weekend that he was going to take some time off from his job as a congressman to seek treatment and to “work on being a better husband.”

Is it possible that this could be “too little, too late” for Weiner? He was texting nude photos of his body parts to women, even while his own wife is pregnant with their first child.

Dr. Drew believes that Anthony Weiner’s decision to “step away from Washington” is one of the smartest moves the congressman could make at this point in time.

“I hope this is a sign that he is putting the important priorities in his life ahead of his political concerns,” Pinsky says.

But is Anthony Weiner doing this for the right reasons, or is he simply doing what he feels he is expected to do, in light of the fact that he’s been caught in way-more-than-compromising positions?

What do you think?

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