Anti-Charlie Sheen Chinese Editorial a Prank on Publisher

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An editorial criticizing Charlie Sheen for his goddesses and other misbehavior that ran in The Global Times turned out to be a parody of the paper itself. How on earth did it get past them?

The Global Times op-ed read like your run-of-the-mill Chinese propaganda article masquerading as an opinion piece. It railed at Sheen for not keeping his wife and mistresses in different houses and suggested he turn to karaoke to get some of his needs met.

charlie sheen goddesses,charlie sheen editiorial,charlie sheen,charlie sheen global times,charlie sheen chinese editorialMost Americans found the anti-Charlie Sheen editorial to be entirely too funny to be real. It turns out they were right. The Global Times was punked by one of its own writers.

Al-Jazeera broke the news earlier today. They pointed out that the article was a little too disconnected from reality.

The Global Times piece, called “Charlie Sheen is Not Filial,” went so far as to claim his father “was once the president of the US.” Many liberals may wish ‘The West Wing’ had been real, but that’s a far different argument.

Since the Chinese newspaper employs English-speaking writers alongside Chinese-speaking ones to allow their propaganda pieces full play around the world, the tricky writer need only to submit his fake article to his Chinese superiors who would merely check the formatting for conformity to their standards before running it.

The fact that The Global Times‘ editorial writer invoked ‘The West Wing’ while savaging Charlie Sheen’s treatment of his goddesses and other rude behavior is the real tip that it was a joke. The show hasn’t performed well with Chinese viewers.

So while there are nuggets of truth in that rant as well as clear examples of Chinese cultural differences, it turned out to be a brief moment in time when The Global Times resembled The Onion. At last, something safe to laugh at in this whole debacle.

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