ANTM Cycle 15: Photographer Patrick Demarchelier Guest Judges

Ann has been riding high after winning all four best photos, but that’s all threatened with this week’s Cover Girl challenge in “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15. Not to mention she’s the last of the ‘quirky’ girls as her competitors mention. She needs to let her personality show, but can she?

Cover Girl Challenge

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 08: Tyra Banks and celebrates the cycle 15 premiere of America's Next Top Model at Marea on September 8, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for CW)

The remaining nine ANTM girls are split into three teams to present two products – the Smoky Eye Look Kit and Lasting Color High Shine Lipstick – to Walmart shoppers, as well as fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. The winning team receives a Cover Girl shopping spree.

Ann, naturally, is the most awkward of the bunch, and she receives the lowest score. Kayla did pretty well, showing off her sporty personality. Perky Chris didn’t win over the crowd since she overpowered the rest of her team. It was Kacey who won over the crowd the most. She appeared the most approachable, but she doesn’t have the other “America’s Next Top Model” girls convinced.

ANTM Cycle 15 Photo Shoot with Stylist Lori Goldstein and Photographer Patrick Demarchelier

The girls were paired off for a group shot in motion. They needed to stand out both against busy Rodeo drive and two other models, one male. With Demarchelier taking the shots, the pressure was already high – and then Tyra Banks also showed up. In addition to the group photo, each girl took another individual motion shot and one beauty shot for three pictures in total.

All eyes were drawn to Kendal and not Liz when they strutted their stuff. Kendal resembled Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, while Liz, well, did not. Even in Liz’s solo shot, she didn’t look authentic.

Esther may be quiet and subtle, but she shines in front of the camera, especially in comparison to Kayla, whose shoes were too small. The pain was all over Kayla’s face in her pics. Meanwhile, Esther engaged the viewer.

Jane rocked this shot, more than most, while Kacey totally fell flat. Demarchelier even called Jane extraordinary. Meanwhile, Kacey is still incapable of relating to the camera. Maybe that’s because she’s a fake? She always has a dead face on camera.

Ann was incredibly stiff on set. Chelsey was nervous too, but only because she admires Demarchelier so much. Yet, Chelsey got her best shot ever. And Ann won best picture – again; despite her awkwardness, the camera always catches something special.

Last but not least came Chris, who only walked with the male model. She connected with him more than any other finalist, but she looks like a better fit for Teen Vogue, not Italian. She needs to smile less.

So, Ann had best picture. But what about the other girls? Tyra called them in the following order after studying their beauty shots: Jane, Kendal, Esther, Chris, Chelsey, and then Liz.

The bottom two consisted of Kacey and Kayla. They both landed there for the same reason: both were disconnected on set. Kayla has had stellar photos in the past. Kacey has a personality people – other than the ANTM Cycle 15 finalists – love. But Kayla didn’t complain about her pain. So, she gets to stay, and Kacey got eliminated, which was a relief. Kacey has never taken a good photo. It was time for her to go.

What did you think of this week’s “America’s Next Top Model” elimination? Did you wait with bated breath, hoping Tyra didn’t get rid of Kayla?

Next week, Francesco Carrozzini takes the girl’s photographs.

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