‘ANTM’ Judges Don’t Know Why Angelea Preston Was Disqualified

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Fans of America’s Next Top Model are still upset that contestant Angelea Preston was shockingly disqualified during the finale. Fans have blown up Twitter since the finale and haven’t let up since.

Aside from a few internet rumors that are floating around, there are no real answers as to why Angelea was disqualified. This morning though, ANTM judge Jay Manuel posted a response on Twitter addressing the fans questions about why Angelea left. He said:

“# 4 the record all of the judges were not told what happened 2 protect us.”

Of course, that is not what fans wanted to hear. However, it does raise some interesting questions. If Angelea posted something on Facebook about the competition, surely the judges would have known, right?

Another popular rumor was that Angelea had initially been named the winner in Greece. Though it seems in the event that the title would have been stripped, the judges would have had some sort of clarification.

Winner Lisa D’Amato and runner-up Allison Harvard have both spoke out since the finale, but are staying quiet on the topic of Angelea.

Do you believe that the judges don’t even know what happened?

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