Anybody want to buy the General Lee?

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If you were watching tv at all in the 70’s I’m sure you remember the famous General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.  I remember having the little Matchbox General Lee and the model.  I even joined the John Schneider fan club.  I was obsessed!  And we’ll just ignore the fact I still wear my original Dukes of Hazzard ringer tee.   But I digress..

So, last year the General Lee was voted the most famous car on TV by TV Land.  And now, it’s for sale!  Right now on Ebay, by John Schneider (Bo Duke) himself!  OK, really it’s one of several General Lee’s used in the tv show and movies, but this is the one used in the last Dukes movie, driven in several charity events and stars in a new movie.

So, if you have a couple million dollars to spare, as right now the bidding is at US $2,302,100.00, and the urge to own a true piece of television history, here’s your chance!  There are two days left to bid.  Good luck!

eBay Motors: Dodge : Charger (item 250108256198 end time May-04-07 10:02:36 PDT)

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