Anyone Giving Books for Christmas?

I just received my order from Barnes & Noble…without much time to spare. I always give books to the little ones along with toys. I especially love to give books to adults. Most of my friends (well, now that I think about it, all of my friends) are on paperback budgets. With so many great hardbacks coming out at Christmas time, knowing that the coldest part of winter still lies ahead keeping many trapped inside, offering a new hot-off-the-press hardback book by a favorite author is indeed a special treat.

This year, Wal-Mart and Amazon started having a price war back in the fall. Barnes & Noble followed and all three places offered many new hardback books for $9.99. I shopped around before I ordered and found that Barnes & Noble had all best-sellers at least 1/2 off. That made giving books even seeter.

So, are you giving any books for Christmas? No one in my family gathers, so I feel safe in sharing the contents of my Barnes & Noble box with you. Let me know if you’ve read any of these.

James Patterson’s new book, Alex Cross, is going to my sister. She loves James Patterson. Bless her heart, her budget usually restricts her not just to paperbacks, but to paperbacks at the used book store. Along with Alex Cross, I was able to pick up several paperbacks in a “buy 2, get 1 free” deal. I was also able to pick up “Pirate Latitudes” for just $13.

Ted Kennedy’s True Compass – Barnes & Noble also had a large print version of this, which my mom has been wanting to read. She’s always been a fan of the Kennedy family and cites Rose Kennedy’s autobiography as her favorite nonfiction book of all time. Mom will also be receiving U is for Undertow. (This book, along with the pirate book, are from Amazon and courtesy of Swagbucks…so you really can’t get a better bargain than free!)

Stephen King’s Gunslinger series is for my second-oldest niece. These 7 books are also called the dark tower series. They are paperbacks. Her youngest sister is getting six Dr. Seuss books, including my favorite “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” The middle niece will be receiving four Wimpy Kid books along with the do it yourself Wimpy Kid Diary.

Thank you for reading my articles and looking at my photos this year, as I’ve saved my gather points for Christmas.

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