Apartment & Having Pets

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We live in an apartment that strictly does not allow pets. I find this odd because in the last 3 months that we have lived here, I have seen 2 people who own big dogs, like a black lab and a golden retriever, and lately we have been hearing meowing coming from somewhere close by. We could never figure out where the meow was coming from. A few weeks back, I had seen a black cat walk past our patio door, which I found odd because it couldn’t be coming from any near by houses…the apartment grounds are too large! Well this morning, my husband was leaving for work and passed our neighbors apartment. Yes, they are the culprit. In their window, sits a cat…a meowing cat…I am not sure why they have a cat when they know animals are not allowed here…very interesting. I guess you can get away with it pretty easy here…But I’m not that dishonest to do it myself………..Oh well……Explains where the meows were coming from. At least now we know we’re not just crazy! ;)

Do you live in an apartment with pets?

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