Apparently it's easy to judge but not easy to do…..

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My husband has been pretty good with helping me out when I'm pregnant. He helps me off the couch when I get stuck, does the laundry for me, and even would go to the store in the middle of the night if I had a pregnancy craving.

But, he's also very judgemental at times. When I'm pregnant, I tend to get overheated super fast. I'm always sweating and hot even if it's 55 degrees. And, he's always cold, even if it's 75 degrees and sunny. When he asks me why I'm so hot, I usually say something like "Well, I'm carrying around another person and his body heat adds to mine."

So the other day we went for a walk and he said something about me walking slower than him. Keep in mind that we'd already walked 3 miles and I am 27 weeks pregnant. So, I said something to him like "Well, I'm sorry but I am carrying a whole other person here." He quickly fired back by saying "Wow you sure do like to use that as an excuse."

I couldn't believe it. So, I said "What do you mean?" So, he says "Well you're always saying this and that about you can't do this or you can't do that because of the baby. It just seems a little convenient."

Well, I quickly fired back "Ok, would you like to try it? Would you like to carry around this baby for 40 weeks, get stretch marks, pee every time you sneeze, get morning sickness, have to watch every single thing you eat, go for tons of blood work, and everything….not to mention the delivery?" He quickly said "HELL NO!"

So I said "Well, you sure are eager to judge but not eager to do it. Maybe next time you want to pass judgement on me you should think about your willingness to carry a child and shut your mouth!"

That shut him up quickly! I always think about that movie "Junior" at times like this. At least Arnold Schwarzenegger manned up and carried a baby. Seems like every guy I know wouldn't last a single day pregnant, let alone 40 weeks!

My advice to men….until you've walked a day in a pregnant woman's shoes…SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


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