Apple Ignores Malware Support Calls, Just Want Your Money?

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Apple is under a firestorm for allegedly ignoring malware support calls from affected customers. With the pending iPhone 4S or 5 Release dates, delays in product releases, and a push to beat out Android for tablets, is the company only interested in greenbacks?

The current ire against the tech giant is its response to a malware attack against OSX, MACDefender. Apple has flown under radar unlike, Sony with its PlayStation Network down crisis recently.

Apple store Michigan AveIt appears the public is more forgiving towards Steve Jobs and company due to its cult-like following.

However, some people are not convinced it has your best interests in mind when it concerns malware, viruses, and cyber threats.

Apple is known for its leading technology, especially in network security and its seemingly untouchable operating system from hackers and outside cyber intrusions.

Bear in mind that the company’s defenses had many attacks in the past, but with so little impact from its operating system, it was not “news worthy.” After all, Microsoft’s Windows has a near monopoly on OS in all shapes and sizes.

However, Apple’s OS is beginning to take root, and it is often a target of outside malware attacks. And what does the company do? It reportedly, ignored the growing crisis.

Reportedly, instructions to the stores and support centers order employees to ignore any calls for service and support. Secondly, they were also told to simply deny that a malware attack exists. That qualifies for a OMG!

Is the company that callous in its approach to business and retaining a loyal base of customers?

Bear in mind that the source report is only one side of the story and while it has some basis, there are other examples where the iPhone maker hit home in customer satisfaction.

Simply saying Apple only wants your money and is not interested in life beyond the sale does not explain why profits continue hitting new marks, and consumers can’t wait for the next big release.

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