Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Delayed as HTC Files Legal Action?

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Hopefully Apple’s iPhone 5 release date is not delayed from HTC’s recent legal action filed with the ITC against the smart phone maker. Will September come and go without a product launch?

The gloves are off, and the mud is slinging on both sides of the fence, as both technology giants flex its innovation muscle in the hotly contested mobile phone market.

Waiting for iPhones NYCAccording to a Bloomberg report, HTC has filed an action with the US International Trade Commission alleging that Apple and Co. “borrowed” its technology (“stole” is such a harsh word).

The action seeks to stop the import of any device Steve Jobs and Co. sells using its patented technology until the courts and ITC enter a ruling.

Oh bummer; does this mean the iPhone 5 release date gets lost in the shuffle? After all, legal matters can take months, or even years to end. So many are banking on a September launch during an iPod media event.

Based on the complaint, the company says that the maker of the popular iPhone took part in copycat infringement of at least 3 patents it holds.

At stake, the company claims, is the use of its patents about a digital assistant, and networking involving video and telephony. This action adds to a suit the company filed last week against Apple for other patent infringements.

Grace Lei, HTC’s General Counsel, said, “Apple needs to stop its infringement of our patented inventions in its products.”

But just when matters can’t get any worse, they do. Apple has filed a counter-claim and says HTC actually is the pot calling the kettle black.

In reverse fashion, it filed a patent infringement claim and alleged that the complainant stole its technology and is profiting from its use. Very dizzying, huh?

“Competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours,” said a spokesperson from the company.

There is no word on what was specifically “stolen” and is being used, but all this is certainly enough to have consumers wary about the legal jostling.

How this impacts the iPhone 5 release date is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, the anticipated smart phone keeps its appointment.

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