Apple MacBook Air Intel Competition ‘Ultra Lite’ and Thin

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Competitors of Apple’s MacBook among Intel ultrabook makers is very tepid at best, as many take a wait and see approach for notebook sales on existing orders.

In the rapidly changing world of electronics, “thin is in” as consumers look for lighter devices that don’t sacrifice the speed, mobility, and pricing of the bulkier units on the market.

And leading the way in the new wave of mobile computing is Apple with its high-flying MacBook Air.MacBook Air

And just as the iPhone hit the market years ago and other makers like Samsung, Motorola, HP, and HTC joined the smart phone revolution, so too are makers of Intel’s ultrabooks.

Why are so many computer makers gun-shy about getting the popular Intel technology to the market? It has a lot to do with the reality that Apple’s MacBook Air is leading the way in the new craze to thin-down notebooks and tablets.

What further bolters the claim rivals are to get a slow start this year are the tiny number of shipments made and requested by Lenovo, Toshiba, Asustek, Acer, and others.

There’s just too many “unknowns” such as the direction the economy is taking as the holiday season approaches, if consumer confidence is up or down, will the Dow Jones Industrials calm down, will Obama’s job speech do anything to ally any fears in spending, and what Apple’s true sales figures are for its MacBook Air.

With all this uncertainty, it’s probably best that computer makers using the Intel technology wait on the sidelines as the love affair takes root.

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