Apple store reaches 10 billion count milestone

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App downloads for iPad and iPhone catapult Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. has announced more than 10 billion app downloads by their iPad and iPhone users. On average, each of Apple Inc.’s 160 million iPad and iPhone devotees have downloaded 62.5 apps; an average of 18 million apps per day, or 206 apps per second since the Apple store launch in 2008.

Apple Computer Inc. becomes Apple Inc.

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In the words of the Apple store, “Thank you. Ten billion times.” The company began a countdown on its website and reportedly awarded a hefty $10,000 iTunes award to the person who downloaded the 10 billionth app, reports Mashable.

Apple Inc.’s app store has attracted an insurmountable number of software developers hoping to cash in on the company’s triumphant success—the store now totes more than 350,000 programs and apps for the iPad and iPhone.

With no news of Apple Inc. slowing down any time soon, consumers can expect to hear from this mega-brand for years on hand.

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