Apple Sued for Tracking Locations via iPhone and iPad iOS

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Apple is being sued for tracking locations with its iPhone and iPad. Two customers, Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito, filed a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief and punitive Apple-logo.pngdamages because they were unaware that the computing company was tracking their locations. Apparently, the company’s iTunes terms state that its iOS software will record “comprehensive” location data and that translates in to constant location tracking.

The suit states, “Users of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, including Plaintiffs, were unaware of Apple’s tracking their locations and did not consent to such tracking. Apple collects the location information covertly, surreptitiously and in violations of law.”

Sadly for the technology giant, Ajjampur and Devito are hoping their lawsuit will become a class action lawsuit. The “Think Different” company may end up getting sued by thousands if not millions of people. Currently, there is no way to turn off the iOS tracking software but the lawsuit seeks to have the feature completely banned or disabled in the next version of the iOS software.

Apple hasn’t officially responded to the lawsuit but a supposed email from Steve Jobs reportedly states that the information obtained in the lawsuit is wrong and that they “don’t track anyone.” Seriously, the slogan, “Wanna be tracked? There’s an app for that” wouldn’t sit too well with customers.

This is definitely one that will have to go to the courts because it’s going to get technical and it’s going to get ugly. Apple is getting sued over very serious issues. Tracking people and locations is not something that can easily be disregarded. Worst off is if this lawsuit does become a class action lawsuit, Apple may well see itself losing tens of millions of dollars. It’s a major hit that the company doesn’t need or want.

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