Apple’s Black Friday Deals: Begins Online at Midnight, Friday In-Store

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Apple’s Black Friday may not start on Thursday like many other retailers, but you can begin shopping online as early as midnight Thanksgiving Day Pacific Time. The stores will actually be opening on Friday, as is tradition. The Apple Company sent an email to customers on Tuesday that said there was a “one-day Apple shopping event this Friday, November 23.” The stores will not only open earlier, but they will stay open later.


Customers have to speculate on what might be discounted however, because Apple isn’t telling. However, the promotional material depicted an iPad, so that is a good sign that might be one of the items you can buy for cheap. Last year’s Black Friday saw the iPad discounted by an average of $50 and Macs discounted by a hundred or more. There hasn’t been a discount in the iPhone in the past, but there is a first time for everything.

This is a rare chance for customers, because Apple knows that people will buy their products no matter what, and they don’t do a lot of discounting. Apple knows that customers who really want the same iPhone that all of their friends have, will pay whatever they have to for it.

The Apple company hasn’t yet released the 27-inch iMac, so it won’t be one of the items you can save on at Apple’s Black Friday, but the iMac could be available by the end of November, at the regular price of course.

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