April 26, 2013 Mindful Poetry Contest Day 20

We are on our 20th form for Mindful Poetry’s 4th Annual Contest of 2013. If you are reading this, I’m over the moon as  many Gather-members have abandoned ship or are otherwise stymied.



1. Write a rime Couee with these prompts


a. Your subject is competition
b. Use the letter P or K more than five times


2. Tag your poem with mp2013


3. Deadline is May 10th 11:59 pm.


Because Gather has all of my Contest posts locked up in Spam-Hell, I can’t reference them via a link or refer to them for the wording I usually use in my posts. I’ve also learned that LINKS cause my post to be labeled spam so I’m not using links now.


Because of those facts above, I’ll tell you here how to write a rime couee in case you’ve forgotten.

Rime Couee: two rhyming patterns – a-a-b, a-a-b
syllable-length is 8 syllables, 8 syllables, 6 syllables, repeat
no limit on length, but each stanza is a sestet, a six-line stanza

Ex. Rime couee writing is quite slick
Counting your syllables: a trick
Using rhyme, don’t forget
Lines one and two total eight clicks
Third line contains two fewer licks
Lines three and six rhyme, yet


If I don’t comment on your poem, that means I don’t know about it. You can try to post it in the comment section or tell me to look for it via a comment and I’ll go to your roster of posts to find it. You can also find me on Facebook and tell me about your poem.


Good luck! Let’s do this before the ship sinks.

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"Always try to add a little fizz and ginger to everything you write." --Matthew Stibbe

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