April Fool’s Jokes for Boyfriend!

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These are just some IDEAS. Some more sinister than others….Bwahahaha.


10 Goofy April Fool’s Joke Ideas FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND


1. Tell him you’re pregnant. (Awful?)


2. Tell him your apartment has bed bugs and that you guys have to be out by 8am tomorrow morning. Stop him before he packs up the kitchenware.


3. Have a friend call him and confess to him that she has a crush on him. You’ll know whether or not to keep him based on how he responds.


4. Explain that you’ve contracted chicken pox and that it’s just a matter of hours, the doctors surmise, before he breaks out with the dreaded pox too.


5. Tell him you just got a call from his boss – he doesn’t have to come into work for the next week. Tell him the truth before he hits “BUY” on the plane tickets website.


6. Tell him you’ve fallen in love with your coworker. Diane.


7. Park the car around the corner and tell him you totaled it. Fake tears will help this story.


8. “Confess” to him that you’ve secretly racked up a $10,000 credit card bill and you’ve finally decided to confess to him.


9. Hide the cat or dog and tell him it died. You should probably reveal this one as a joke almost immediately. Because otherwise it’s really mean.


10. Tell him your mom and dad sent you a letter explaining that they don’t want you to date him anymore.


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