April Fools Pranks: Empire State Building Jumper, Erykah Badu Video Uncut, Ricky Martin Boyfriend, More?!

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April Fools pranks are on our minds as April 1 quickly approaches.  Do April Fools pranks include an Empire State Building jumper, Ricky Martin with a boyfriend, seeing the face of Jesus and Erica Badu strips in the Erykah Badu video uncut?

None of these are Aprils Fools pranks they are current news stories.  Can any April Fools pranks we imagine possibly rival reality?

The truth is an unidentified man did fall from the Empire State Building during a tragic rush hour incident last night.

Ricky Martin comes out as gay recently so a Ricky Martin boyfriend is the next logical story to hit the headlines.  On a personal note, I am glad he came out for the sake of his children.  Meanwhile, Jesse James says he was honest but he seems full of April Fools pranks for anyone who believes him.

Erica Badu strips in her Erykah Badu video uncut “Window Seat”.  It is a tasteful, artistic expression but people are still focused on her shedding her clothes rather than the larger statement being made.

As Easter approaches during the Lenten season, the History Channel discusses the face of Jesus in the Shroud of Turin.  Some scientists feel it is the real deal while others dispute its legitimacy.

Amidst all this, Crystal Bowersox Midnight Train to Georgia and Lee Dewyze Treat Her Like a Lady videos from American Idol were released.  What happened to Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Temptations and Cornelius Bros. and Sister Rose?

We have to think long and hard about April Fools pranks to get attention.  These days, people might believe April Fools pranks are real!  They might also be unsure of the news…and yes, Honey Baked Ham Coupons and a Passover Story is a real article!

With April Fools pranks in mind, I feel compelled to ask once again…How Many Goats Am I Worth?  And no, it’s not one of those April Fools pranks…

Here is a YouTube video about April Fools pranks:


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