April Pratt Sex Tape Goes Viral on Twitter by ‘Blowing Nut Bubbles’

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Forget cute kittens. Forget “miracle dog” stories. A college student named April Pratt is proving that the fastest way to go viral on the web is to post a sex tape online and promote it by “blowing nut bubbles”—apparently a phrase (and lewd act) she herself created.

What’s this all about?

On Monday, Twitter was abuzz with a new trending phrase, listed as April Pratt. Seems innocent enough. Who is she? A new movie star in a breakthrough role? A sassy walk-on actor in a surprise hit sitcom?

Clicking the link reveals the answer: she’s a college student (at an unnamed school) who posted a video on a Hip Hop website showing her engaging in explicit oral sex.

The nut bubbles part? Well, it has to do with a straw, a glass of liquid and a willing male participant. Enough said. The important thing is that this is what passes as viral content on legitimate websites like Twitter.

That’s not to say that pornography is not big on the web. Type in the keyphrase “free sex” on any search engine and be prepared to be assaulted with all kinds of so-called soft porn sites and images.

But this instance marks the first time hardcore sex acts can be accessed through sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Somehow the filters missed this one. And that’s too bad.

Social networking sites are accessible to underage adults, despite the rules for signing up for an account. Who’s to really check? If explicit porn makes it into the lineups for these sites, it’s sending the wrong message to kids not old enough to put such content in perspective.

April Pratt may be famous for a day, a week, or even longer. But this is not the way it should happen.

April Pratt? Try April Fool!

Let’s stick with cute kittens and miracle dogs.

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