Arabs’ thoughts about Western people (Dialogue)

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Ahmed (Muslim): Do you believe what is happening now in Egypt Mina?

Mina (Christian): Actually, I think I’m dreaming a sweet dream of freedom and democracy and in the same time a nightmare of corruption.. I’m shocked.

Ahmed: We’re all shocked and hurt Mina, it’s unbelievable that those people betray us like that.

Mina: yeah, what may anyone feel when he knows that his minister of the interior who swore to save Egypt secure from inside are accused now of the Alexandria Church explosion to make an appeal between Muslims and Christians in order not to find spare time to search before their corrupted deeds.

Ahmed: It’s the top of corruption.. It’s treason Mina.

Mina: beside all of these corruptions, I was so angry with foreign governments to the extent that I felt that I want to take an airplane and travel to them to tell them just shut up, you’re the ones who aided those corrupted governments and still aiding other corrupted Arab regimes.

This America.. Really, I can’t respect her.. She has always two faces. All her presidents have the same policy; the policy of black market. First, they sold the king of Iran.. Second, they sold the president of Iraq.. Third, the president of Tunisia.. Forth, the president of Egypt.. And who knows who is next?! May be at the end, we’ll see them selling Israel itself, her BabyBorn in the black market.. How can we trust such country?!

Did you hear this Obama when he said that he told Mubarak to step down.. How dare you; who are you to tell our president to stay or leave?! Is this your belief of people’s right to choose and decide?!

Do you want to convince me that for example the CIA didn’t know about all of these corruptions while America is giving her holy aids to just control the world? All aids are in the corrupted personal accounts abroad, Ahmed, nothing reach the poor or the so-called reform.. I want to know America, who was you aiding exactly; poor or thieves?!!!

Where is the Americans?! Where are all the western people?! How do they let their governments act like idiots?!

Ahmed: Calm down, Mina.. It’s over now and the entire world has recognized that we made our peaceful revolution on our own without any aids except our well and the governments themselves began to change their silly words by good ones; didn’t you hear the Italian president’s words recently?! Second, the western governments are not the western people. You know for example, how Americans are so kind people and I think they are not keen in politics. They’re always deceived by some sweet words told to them by the American administration.

Mina: Do you believe what you’re saying Ahmed?! Every time, they’re deceived.

Ahmed: Why not?! Can I ask you a question?!

Mina: Sure.

Ahmed: How many times you were deceived by the corrupted regime that you hate and don’t trust in just one week from the eighteen days of our revolution?

Mina: Actually, everyday.. I didn’t know the truth except with I went to Tahrir square.

Ahmed: And even when you went there, we were deceived by our ex-president’s emotional second speech; you cried like babies and decided to go back home, right?!

Mina: Yes, I remember that.

Ahmed: Those western people that you’re talking about are in other countries, they don’t know us really, they have different religions and cultures and they didn’t live with us for decades to know how we’re thinking and what we believe in.

May I ask you another question?

Mina: Sure.

Ahmed: How come you are saying so while you’re a tour guide? You’re the one who is deceiving me now.. LOL.. Hey man, is it the first time to know Westerns?! Aren’t they emotional like Egyptians?! The Egyptian who when see any foreigner tourist, he welcome him and smile at him without even knowing him. Really, I don’t know the secret of the Egyptians’ adoration to Foreigners; their happiness is like the happiness of a lonely man when someone comes to visit him at home. And the strange thing that it’s not about money!!! Do you remember the Egyptian who when see John, his wife and children passing by his home, insisted to invite them to lunch while he don’t know them or even see them before.. They were Americans, right?!

Mina: Yeah, I remember that day.. They cooked all what you can imagine of Egyptian food for them and didn’t take anything in return. You’re right.. Egyptians are so strange in their traits. They’re so friendly, but, they’ve dignity.. They love all people and see them good people, but, they don’t like anyone whoever he is to lead them like animals.. Poor Westerns and poor Easterns, they’re a huge gap between them because of governments.

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