Arby’s Goes on Sale by Wendy’s – Roast Beef Sandwich not a Hit?

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Wendy’s is putting Arby’s up for sale. It seems that Wendy’s/Arby’s Group Inc. plans to sell the less popular fast food chain to concentrate on the one that actually makes a profit! Everyone likes a roast beef sandwich, but unfortunately, when there are cheaper options available, losing customers is inevitable.

File:Arbys.jpgEven though the combined restaurants make the company the world’s third largest, it’s clear that Arby’s lackluster food sales are slowing down the overall growth. Unfortunately, who will buy the fast food restaurant when it’s losing profit?

It’s probably safe to say all the big companies know of Arby’s financial situation. To purchase the troubled sandwich chain would also mean revamping the restaurant to bring back customers. That would cost money and who really needs another what-if company when the economy is as depressing as it is now?

Do you think there is a future for Arby’s? Advertisements for the restaurant are far and few in between. Perhaps, it’s time to close down this chain and bury it.

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