Are 9/11 Ghosts Haunting the New World Trade Center? (Video)

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Are there ghosts at the new World Trade Center?

A video posted to YouTube is going viral because the uploader was spooked by “wailing” sounds caused by wind howling through the new World Trade Center complex. But some viewers are claiming the sounds are really the ghosts of 9/11 attack victims.

Can it be true?

It all started with the video below, uploaded by a downtown Manhattan resident who lives just blocks from the new WTC site. Hearing strange sounds in the early morning, the YouTuber recorded the howling noises but noticed the wind was not very high at the time.

“Outside it was raining but the trees were calm” writes Erik Torkells. “I can only imagine at that height the weather is different. I’m sure all of downtown hears this—it’s unmistakable and very chilling.”

While Torkells never claims the howling noise sounds like voices, it’s what others are posting in the comments and how other writers are interpreting the sounds that is fueling the rumor that the effect sounds like disembodied voices. 

Naturally, that leads to the conclusion the sounds are the voices of ghosts, or victims of the 9/11 WTC attack.

That’s quite a stretch, but, when listening to the effect, it’s easy to see how such rumors and myths get started.

Here’s the video:

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