Are Banks Open on Labor Day 2010? Labor Day Closings and Labor Day Sales

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Are banks open on Labor Day this year? In decades gone by, banks and major businesses all closed in honor of Labor Day. As more businesses operate on this Federal holiday, will any banks be opening their doors? What else is closed on Labor Day?


Most Banks Closed on Labor Day


Most banks are closed on Labor Day in honor of this workers’ holiday. According to their website, the Labor Day is one of the holidays observed by the Federal Reserve. The stock market is closed for Labor Day.


People can still withdraw much-needed money on Labor Day at ATM machines with a bank card and PIN number. If your ATM card has a Visa or MasterCard logo, use it as a credit card to avoid paying foreign bank fees.

Are Any Banks Open on Labor Day 2010?


Several banks are closed on Labor Day including Bank of America, HSBC, Chase and Citibank. While the big banks shut their doors, several competitors are open on Labor Day.


Certain TD Bank locations are open on Labor Day until 1 PM. It is wise to call before visiting your local branch to make sure they are included.


TCF Bank is open Labor Day weekend and running a special promotion from September 4 to September 6, 2010. Their Tell-A-Friend bonus of $25 is upped to $50 cash for referral accounts opened over Labor Day weekend.


The Tell-A-Friend form can be printed from the TCF Bank website or picked up at a local branch. When friends open an account between September 4 and 6, your account is credited with 50 bucks.


What Else is Closed on Labor Day?


Federal city, county and government offices, public schools and libraries are closed on Labor Day. Post offices are closed with no mail delivery on Labor Day other than special express mail. Some public transportation operates on a holiday schedule so verify travel times before leaving for Labor Day gatherings.


Labor Day Sales


Most liquor stores and supermarkets are open on Labor Day so you can still buy goodies for that impromptu party.


Major retailers such as Home Depot and Kmart are having special Labor Day sales to lure more customers to shop during a difficult economy. With Labor Day gas prices down, some may decide to travel to these temping Labor Day sales.


With unemployment on the rise and 80 percent of people living from paycheck to paycheck, many workers celebrate having a job this Labor Day weekend.


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