Are Banks or the Post Office Open on Good Friday 2011? Holiday Information

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With Holy Week now underway, many are wondering if banks will be open on Good Friday 2011. The good news is that Good Friday is not a federal holiday. That means banks and the post office should be open in most areas.

The upcoming religious holiday is part of Holy Week 2011 which starts with Palm Sunday and moves through Good Friday into Easter Sunday. The Good Friday tradition is generally to abstain from eating any meat for the entire day. This is to recognize the Passion of Jesus and to not partake in consumption of flesh or organs of mammals. Many will eat vegetarian or seafood dishes on this day instead.

Some work offices may be closed, while others remain open for the holiday since it’s not a nationwide observance like other holidays. However, it’s been reported that some churches are helping those who have to work or attend school still be a part of the Good Friday service. At least one Sacramento-area church is having its own Catholic procession starting in the early morning, which will move through the downtown streets of the main work areas. The special procession will involve individuals carrying a cross to represent the “Stations of the Cross.” This is certainly an interesting and unique way to present the religious ceremony to those who can’t get away from work to attend church!

The other good news with Good Friday is also that Easter Sunday is just a few days away. That means the Easter Bunny will visit children around the country, delivering baskets full of goodies and leaving eggs to be hunted down. This is always a happy celebration for many individuals because it’s praising the spring season and new life.  Families will get together for church services and special dinners as well.

Just remember on Good Friday, there will be mail service, and if a bank is needed, they should have normal hours of operation. Make sure to observe the no-meat tradition if you’re of the Catholic Church as well as fasting if this is something regularly practiced as well.

Will you and your family or friends be doing anything special for Good Friday 2011?

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