Are Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Faking a Relationship?

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Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson have been together, broken up, and are back together. The funny thing is, some tabloids think that the new “togetherness” may not be all that it seems. Are Ben and Courtney faking it for the cameras?

At least one tabloid has a noble idea that many may agree with. It could be possible that The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, and his chosen bride, Courtney Robertson, are pretending to be in a relationship. How else could one explain the amount of crazy that already exists for this couple?

As the reality TV show was airing (after Ben had already chosen Courtney), he clearly watched that Robertson might not be the kindest and sweetest girl on the block. Actually, Ben learned that what many of the other girls told him was actually true. Courtney Robertson was a completely manipulative little witch.

They broke up.

Then, as fast as Ben Flajnick palmed the butt of another girl, the couple was right back together. Then there is the whole long-distance relationship thing. Are they moving in or aren’t they?

Add to the charade the most recent vacation to Mexico. It wasn’t as if the paparazzi had any good shots of Ben rubbing sunscreen all over a scantily clad Courtney Robertson. No, the best they could do is find a shot of Ben puffing on a cancer stick.

So are they actually trying to work this whole relationship thing out? Who knows. Perhaps they are just faking it, to keep the tabloids and blog-o-sphere guessing.

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